Gym policy & etiquette

River’s Edge Fitness looks forward to hosting a respectful community of members into our facility. As a member or guest, you agree to these terms and to the penalties for violating any gym rules. Rule violations of any kind may be cause for termination of your membership by River’s Edge Fitness.

River’s Edge Fitness Rules:

  • RETURN WEIGHTS to the weight trees or racks after use.
  • WIPE DOWN equipment after every use.
  • No guests are permitted unless a waiver has been signed and a $5.00 one-time guest fee has been paid or left in drop box.
  • Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • You must respect all other members.
  • Please do not misuse the equipment.
  • There will be zero tolerance for obscene language, horseplay, or harassment of any members.
  • Please do not bring in chalk. It is very messy and will not be allowed.
  • The stereo is only accessible by staff. If the music being played is not to your liking, you can either make a request to a staff member or use headphones. The stereo is a privilege, not a right.
  • If you have any questions about how the equipment works, please ask the staff. This is not only for your protection, but the protection of other members as well.
  • If any of these rules are violated, you will be given a warning. Habitual violations of these rules can and will be considered grounds for termination. NO REFUNDS will be given to those violating these rules.

Termination for Cause by River’s Edge Fitness

River’s Edge Fitness may, at its discretion, terminate your membership if:

  1. You fail to make payments under payment plan,
  2. Monthly payments or dues are late,
  3. You fail to follow any of River’s Edge Fitness’ rules, or
  4. Your conduct is improper and/or harmful to the best interest of River’s Edge Fitness or its members.

Termination will be effective on the date River’s Edge Fitness mails a written notice to your last known address or verbally informs you of termination. If you prepaid your dues, River’s Edge Fitness will not refund any unused portion.


Minimizing the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses is a great concern for River’s Edge Fitness. For our part in keeping our members as safe as possible, we will meet or exceed the guidelines set forth by the CDC and the State of Iowa for gyms. That includes staff wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, providing no-contact training and cleaning equipment and bathrooms per guidelines.

Members are asked to:

  • Wear a mask whenever possible
  • Social distance at least 6 feet apart, including in exercise classes
  • Practice no-contact training
  • Refrain from sharing equipment
  • Wipe down equipment before & after every use

Membership Cancellation

If you have a Month to Month EFT membership, you may terminate it at any time upon written or verbal notice to River’s Edge Fitness no less than 48 staffed hours before the next withdrawal. When signing up for the twelve (12) month EFT contract, you are contracted for twelve (12) months of withdrawals. If your membership is cancelled before your contract has been reached the maturity date, the rest of the membership is to be prorated and paid in full upon cancellation, or transferred to a new member or non-contracted member. Notice of termination for any twelve (12) month contract MUST be received seven (7) days before the next withdrawal to allow River’s Edge Fitness sufficient time to process your termination. The key fob/card deposit fee paid during initial sign-up will only be returned if key cards are returned and in working order. Must show ID when picking up key cards.

Memberships & Pricing

  • $35/month | 1 Year – $30/month

    Single Membership

    An individual who does not fall under any other membership category.

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  • $70/month | 1 Year – $60/month

    Family Membership

    A group of 3 family members. Every additional family member will be charged an extra $5/month. This does not include “friendships.”

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  • $28/month | 1 Year – $26/month

    Senior Membership

    An individual who is 65+.

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  • $28/month | 1 Year – $26/month

    Student Membership

    Any currently enrolled students with student ID.

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  • $28/month | 1 Year – $26/month

    Military Membership

    An individual who can verify military status.

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  • $5 Per Guest

    One Time Guest

    $5.00 per guest, per visit. Money can be left in drop box if staff is not present.

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